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Social Services Staff

Social Services staff members are entry-level social work assistants who work in senior living communities. Social service staff work under the supervision of licensed social workers and other staff who have more education and experience, and assist these professionals with their daily tasks. They often conduct admission interviews, inform residents and their families of their rights, advocate for residents with social services organizations, help residents to adjust to living in the facility and coordinate care services.

Education & Experience:
Illinois requires that “the facility shall designate a staff member(s) to provide social services to residents.” Additionally, federal regulations require a “qualified social worker for any facility with more than 120 beds.”

Salary Average

None required

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Social Worker

Social Services Director

The Social Services Director is responsible for ensuring that the social, psychological and physical needs of all residents in the senior living community are being met. They provide counseling and social services to residents and their families. The social services director reports directly to the administrator and participates in interdisciplinary team meetings, providing information on an individual resident’s psychosocial condition.

Education & Experience:
A Social Services Director must have a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work (BSW) or in a human services field including but not limited to sociology, special education, rehabilitation, counseling and psychology, and needs one year of supervised social work experience in a health care setting working directly with individuals.

Salary Average

Social Services Directors must meet the same continuing education requirements as social workers.

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Social Services Consultant



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